“The Greater the Suffering, The Greater the Anointing.”

March 17, 2008

I am preparing for our Upcoming Series called, “CAGED” that premieres this weekend at NLC. It’s all about the subject of forgiveness. It’s going to be incredible. First Trust, now Forgiveness. There is a real sense that God is taking us into the deep places of our hearts right now as a church. If you missed any of the “Pete’s Blog” series on Trust, you gotta listen to them. Just click the link on the side of this blog to listen.

Anyway, RT Kendall, a pastor, author and speaker, has much to say on the subject of Forgiveness. So this morning I’m listening to one of his messages and he made a statement that I think is so appropriate for us during this time of “Trust” and “Forgiveness.” He said…

“The greater the Suffering, the Greater the Anointing.”

Now Anointing is a Big Bible Word that basically means, “God’s power on us for service.” In other words, what RT is saying is, “For those of us who have suffered greatly, God desires to use us greatly.” He went on to say that, “Some of us have suffered so much, we are literally sitting on a Gold Mine of opportunity to be used by God.”

The key factor is being willing to not let the suffering defeat us, but teach us. Here are a few questions for us to consider on this idea:

1. What are you learning in your suffering?

2. Who can you learn from that has experienced what you’re experiencing?

3. Who needs to learn from your experiences?

Even if you’re not on the other side of this thing yet, God wants to use your story to impact someone else. Your greatest anointing lies in your greatest pain.

Change your perspective on suffering and you change your world!

Just a Bloggish Thought,



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